There’s nothing quite like watching TV in HD ! That’s why we give you your favorite networks and sports channels in stunning HD。 And with our  easy-to-use DVR service, you won’t miss a thing。

  • Color HDTV provides vivid color, including a wide range of hues (such as subtle purples and reds) without any bleeding at the edges of the image.
  • Clarity HDTV images are as detailed as a high-resolution photograph . When watching a TV program in HD, you will be amazed at the sharpness of the picture.
  • Wide Screen HDTV allows you to view content in a 16:9 wide-screen format, the same format used in movie theaters .
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound All HDTV programming can provide 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Surround Sound* — just like true theatre sound.

*HD Service may vary between service areas . Not available in all areas. Check your local service area for availability. Prices do not include taxes, fees or equipment.


秒速飞艇哪个平台好Don’t miss a thing ! Record any TV program with the touch of a button and watch it on your time. When you add DVR service to your digital cable you can rewind then fast-forward live TV, pause , even create your own instant replays or watch in slow motion.

Record and Play

  • Record an entire series, single movie, event or TV show
  • Store up to 90 hours of your favorite shows
  • Set Parental Controls to manage your family’s access

Set It and Forget It

  • Never miss an episode with the Series Recording feature
  • If the time of your show changes, your DVR changes too
  • Schedule your recordings & let your DVR manage schedule conflicts

Control Live TV

  • Pause and rewind live TV.
  • Create your own instant replay-even play back in slow motion.

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